5 Year Quality Assurance

What is our Quality Assurance?

We acknowledge the trust you have in following the recommended treatment and provide this Quality Assurance for your peace of mind. Dental Implants Australia is a facility whereby independent Clinicians operate from. This Quality Assurance is given by the independent Clinician who treated you. This is an agreement between you and the independent Clinician and does not cover you for treatment with any other Clinician.

What does 5-year Quality Assurance cover?

In the event of non-biological failure of your treatment during normal function, the original treating Clinician will repair or replace the restoration at no additional charge to you during the 5 years from the date of the initial treatment. If a different treatment option becomes necessary, a credit of the cost of the failed treatment will be credited towards the alternative treatment option.

To maintain the validity of this Quality Assurance, it’s imperative that you:

  • Attend regular check-ups and clean (minimum 6 monthly) to monitor the performance of the treatment and monitor the health of your mouth. This may include taking x-rays or taking preventative measures to avoid progression of dental disease.
  • Perform regular at home daily oral hygiene practices as prescribed by your treating Clinician.

What will void Quality Assurance?

  • Failure caused by untreated gum or periodontal disease.
  • Failure to maintain adequate at-home oral hygiene practices (brushing, flossing etc).
  • Failure to accept management of clenching and/or grinding.
  • Injury caused by accident, sports or any third party.
  • Any detrimental excessive forces not applied by usual non-destructive function.
  • Failure to notify us within a reasonable time of any problems associated with the treatment (generally 1-4 weeks).
  • Any work performed by another Clinician.
  • Failure to maintain scheduled reviews will void all terms of this Quality Assurance.


  • There is a direct correlation between smoking and an increase in dental implant failure. This constitutes a biological failure and such if you smoke this Quality Assurance does not apply.
  • Manufacturing defects or failures will remain part of this Quality Assurance.


– Refunds are not part of the Quality Assurance
– Credits are to be only used for alternative treatments for the same tooth only.