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Our Practice

Our Practice

Located at the heart of Sydney Australia, The “Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry” is a reputable and highly successful dental practice that specialises in safe, quality and affordable implant dentistry services. We take great pride in being touted as one of the most trusted and affordable dental practice in the area. Unlike many of our counterparts, we strive to provide our patients with all the dental care they need without putting a dent on finances. To this end, we are very transparent about our implant dentistry services and related expenses. You’ll never go about the process of getting dental implants unless you’ve learned everything you need to know about the procedure.

Quality Implant Dentistry Services with Proven Results

Unlike most other dental clinics in the country, we focus on providing premium implant dental care that delivers the best value and results for our patients. To achieve this, we make good use of the latest technology in implant dentistry and structured our dental practice to become one of the most affordable in Sydney. It’s no wonder then that we’ve got patients coming in from all over Australia.

As our very own Dr. Saade Saade always used to say – “Results are only as good as the skill and effort you’ve put behind it”. This is the philosophy that guides our dental practice from the state of our dental facilities to the technology that we use and more importantly, the team of dental care experts behind each and every dental implant.

To learn more about our dental practice, don’t hesitate to call us on 02 9810 2404. Our accredited and fully licensed dental practice would be more than happy to help. You need only arrange a free consultation and we’ll make sure that you obtain the best care in implant dentistry.