The Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry

The Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry

The Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry was founded by Dr Saade Saade to be a state of the art facility for dental implant treatment under one roof.

Our facility if fully accredited by QIP, ensuring the highest standards are met for patient treatment and safety

Our expert team will ensure that you are well informed, looked after and comfortable every step of the way.  Not only do we focus on providing the best treatment, we also pride ourselves on the best aftercare to give you the assurance that your dental treatment serves you in the best possible way for as long as possible.  A concept we call  “care beyond the chair”

State of the art facility, advanced technology and the latest digital technologies ensure we are able to provide the best dental implant treatment with less pain and discomfort associated with traditional techniques.  Thousands of patients have been successfully treated at the Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry and Dr Saade Saade.

We understand for some that dental treatment can cause anxiety, so we provide sedation techniques, including sleep dentistry, to provide the most comfortable experience possible.

We understand the burden dental implant treatment can have on your budget, so we provide interest free payment plans to suit your budget.  We also have partnered with Super Care to help with early release super to fund your dental implant treatment.

We stand by our treatment, so for peace of mind we have a Quality Assurance program that gives you the confidence your dental implant treatment will serve you as long as possible.

If you are interested in how dental implants can help you, we offer an obligation free initial consultation.

Please contact us on 0298103077 or email us on