Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

At the Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry we have invested in the latest technology to allow us to treat our patients in a more efficient, more accurate and with much less pain. Our digital technologies allow us to more accurate diagnose, plan and treat with increased confidence for us and our patients.


State of the art infection control and sterilisation techniques in a fully accredited facility. Our stringent processes and latest state of the art equipment means you can be assured you are treated in the most safest and stringently controlled environment.

Green 3D Imaging

Did you know we were the first dental surgery in Australia to have the latest green 3D imaging machine?  3 Dimensional imaging provides the most accurate diagnostic tool to ensure you have the most accurate and safest dental implant procedure. Not only does this technology allow us to accurately plan and treat you with the highest accuracy and safety, but also at the lowest dose of x-rays available today.

Digital Treatment Planning

Utilising our digital Green 3D imaging we are able to use digital treatment planning to virtually perform the surgery prior your treatment. This allows the formulation of the most accurate and best treatment plan, ensuring you receive the care and dedication to the best treatment we believe all our patients deserve.

Digital Surgical Guides

You can be assured that not only you will receive accuracy in planning, but also accuracy in treatment. At times it is beneficial to use the information from the virtual surgery to be replicated exactly into the mouth. Our digital 3D imaging allows us to use specialised equipment and to fabricate a digital implant surgical guide to exactly guide the placement of the implant into your jaw.  This technique also dramatically reduces the post-operative pain associated with implant surgical procedures.

Digital Scanning and Digital Crowns Production

Advance digital technology at the Australian Institute is also incorporated in the fabrication of the tooth that sits over the implant. Digital intra oral scanning with our Cerec system produces the most accurate tooth at amazing levels of detail. This also means we don’t have to use the messy and uncomfortable traditional impression techniques and where appropriate, we can make the tooth while you wait in our office.