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What is Teeth-On-4?

As the name suggest, ALL your teeth can be replaced utilising only 4 implants. This new technique is possible by placing 2 implants in a vertical orientation in the front of the jaw, and then 2 implants on an angle at the back of the jaw, thus allowing maximum use of the available bone.  This technique provides a stable base to attach ALL the teeth supported with only 4 implants, and this is why this technique is called Teeth-On-4. In most cases, the teeth can be attached to the implants on the same day, or shortly thereafter, giving us the ability to provide you with a new, strong, healthy and good looking set of teeth in the shortest possible time.

Some of the advantages of this concept include:

  • Decreased cost
  • Immediate teeth
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Cost of Teeth-On-4

Step Cost
Step 1 Initial Consultation FREE
Step 2 Treatment planning 3D scanning Impressions and measurements $1500
Step 3 Insertion of 4 implants, 4 Abutments Provisional teeth (1 year warranty) $13,500
Maintenance Removal and cleaning after 1 year Adjustments, 1 year unlimited

Water Flosser

TOTAL $15,000

Permanent Teeth options

(minimum 3 months after Step 3 above)

Material Cost
OPTION 1:  Basic Metal reinforced Acrylic teeth and gums (2 year warranty*) $3000
OPTION 2:  Advanced CAD CAM titanium reinforced acrylic teeth and gums (5 year warranty*) $7000
OPTION 3:  Premium CAD CAM titanium reinforced Porcelain Teeth and gums (7 year warranty*) $12,000
OPTION 4:  Premium Plus CAD CAM zirconia framework Porcelain teeth and gums (7 years warranty*) $14,000
All options for 1 year

Unlimited adjustments

Removal and cleaning after 1 year



*Valid warranty requires 6 month reviews to ensure the health of the implants and teeth. Early detection of any irregularities allows for quick and easy intervention, prolonged failure to treat these problems may lead to advanced complications which cannot be repaired or reversed. Failure to attend 6 monthly reviews will void warranty. You must also adhere to our recommended home care of your implants, teeth and gums.


Please call us for a free consultation to determine your suitability for Teeth-On-4.

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